The Alliance of Associations and Professionals in Theatre & Live Events includes representatives who work in all aspects of the theatrical and events community including more than two hundred thousand creative and production practitioners.

The AAPTLE Alliance

The ABTT is a membership organisation which sets and upholds standards in technical excellence, safety and compliance for theatre and live performance. 

The ALPD is the professional body representing all those who work or are interested in the creation of lighting, video and projection for live performance and events. 

ASAM is a group of UK based scenic artists and makers who have come together to form an industry-wide community.. 

The ASD is the professional association representing all those who work or are training to work within theatre and performance sound in the UK. 

CITEA is made up of costume professionals with experience of large and small scale theatre, Opera and Musicals.
We are Dressers, Makers, Costume Supervisors; we work full time in Producing Theatres and we are part of an army of Freelancers. 

Freelancers Make Theatre Work is an inclusive community for the 200,000+ self-employed and freelance workers from all areas of theatre, opera, dance and live performance, who make up 70% of the UK theatre workforce.

The Movement Directors Association is an artist-led network that celebrates the work of movement directors and celebrates their voices.

Parents in Performing Arts believes that a truly world class performing arts is inclusive of all talents and circumstances.

They help their partners discover new possibilities, identifying flexible new approaches to employment which release latent talent and opportunities.

The Production Managers’ Forum (PMF) is a resource for anyone involved in the production or technical management of theatre or live events.

It enables members connect with each other and to share ideas, information and knowledge.

The SBTD is an organisation run by theatre designers for the benefit of theatre designers.

Founded in 1976, they have been advocating for and celebrating the work that designers make locally, nationally and internationally ever since. 

Scene Change aim to be an open, ever evolving, growing community, supporting ways of coming together and connecting and taking action for theatre as we navigate ourselves through these stormy waters.

It's a place for all: at its heart, set and costume designers (both established and emerging) associates, assistants.

SDUK is the professional trade organisation for stage directors across the UK. We are a membership organisation that represents the interests of stage directors and campaigns for better rights and working conditions.

The Sustainability in Production Alliance

The SMA advocates for and supports stage management in all aspects of live events and theatre work: creative, practical, contractual and interpersonal.

They work to maintain high standards in our work, decent terms and conditions for all stage management, and for making a positive contribution to world class live shows and events made or shown in the UK

Stage Sight works to promote an off stage workforce that is more reflective of our society today, inclusive of ethnicity, class and disability.



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